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Quality of Life with Running

running-on-e-juicebar-1Can running increase your quality of life? I am sure everyone has heard both sides of the debate about how running is good for you and how running is bad for you.  Scientific evidence can support both sides of the argument in various ways but today I am arguing for the health benefits running gives an individual and why it leads to a better life!

Three main subjects for why running is beneficial are:

  1. Health Improvement
  2. Accomplishment
  3. Increased Positivity

Running is a weight bearing activity which has been shown to be healthy to maintain strength in the bones.  It can increase muscle mass within your legs while supporting that bone strength.  Since running is a cardiovascular activity, it increases your mental abilities and cardiovascular health because of increased blood flow.  Also, consistent running has been proven to be the most effective activity to maintain a healthy weight.  You won’t get super buff from running, but you will be healthy.

A sense of accomplishment is huge from running.  After doing research about how runners gain this sense of accomplishment, many people get personal records when they run a race.  People have said that getting a personal record, a t-shirt, and being with friends or family is plenty enough motivation to pay to run in a n event.  Having this sense of accomplishment spills over into other aspects of life as well.

With the accomplishment spilling over, an ability to have increased positivity exists in all aspects of life.  Family life, work life, and many other aspects of life have been improved greatly.  People seeing all of these benefits are some of the happiest people this world has to offer.

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