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Is your Race Timing Company an Asset or a Liability?

Do you want a “timing” company that is an asset or a liability for your event?  While the answer should be obvious the question is relevant.  I often hear the horror stories about timing companies from Race Directors.  Here are a few examples:

  • A timing company dropped an event at the last minute leaving the race director scrambling. (The race director then contact I Run Utah four days before this race and we successfully timed it)
  • A timing company canceled their booking with a small event to take a more lucrative contract. (We can time several events in a single day and have never canceled a contracted event)
  • A timing company showed up and then failed to provide a single time to a race director at an event with nearly 2,000 participants. (This race director will now happily provide a reference for our services)
  • A timing company provided terrible customer service resulting in seriously negative social media comments about the race.

At I Run Utah, we love the running community and we want to prevent bad experiences for participants and event organizers.  I want to provide you with a few things to look for so that you can tell the difference before you get locked in with a vendor that is only a liability.

  1. Your timing company demands a check for full payment before your event happens.
  2. Your timing company offers to provide timing services for the lowest cost possible.
  3. They fail to return your phone calls or answer your emails.
  4. They show up late or unprepared for your event.
  5. They blame others when any mistakes happen and try to hide themselves away from participants.
  6. They are willing to take shortcuts in safety-this often goes along with providing the lowest cost possible service.

When I decided to create an event management and race timing company, I vowed that we would be different.  I want race directors to view I Run Utah as an asset to their race and here’s what we do to make sure that happens:

  1. We communicate regularly with race directors and use our experience as a participant, organizer, and vendor at hundreds of events to provide timely advice regarding race operations.
  2. We promote your event to our network of potential participants. (Last year we brought 185 paid participants to one “small” event)
  3. We participate in your packet pickups and will even help you sell your merchandise (I personally sold over $1,500 worth of merchandise for one client last year and provided training for members of their staff that dramatically increased their merchandise sales)
  4. We arrive early, provide a professional setup, and will help your team get prepared so that the race can start on time. (We take safety very seriously)
  5. We offer a full range of services (online registration, marketing, logistics, T-Shirts, medals, sponsorship, or even complete event management) that can save tremendous amounts of your time and money.
  6. We provide outstanding customer service to your participants and we will take responsibility for our mistakes when they happen.

When looking for partners for your events, don’t settle for a liability.  Send an email to greg@irunutah.com or give me a call at 801-656-5897 to find out how we can help you make your next event more successful!

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